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Trivium (29)

-Down From The Sky (live, Chapman studios 2011)
-Anthem(We are the fire)
-Built To Fall (Official Video)
-In Waves
-Shattering The Skies Above (Official Video)
-Of Prometheus And The Crucifix
-The Storm
-Inception Of The End
-Poison, The Knife Or The Noose
-Upon The Shores
-To Burn The Eye
-My Hatred
-Throes Of Perdition (live, Wacken 2011)
-[Matthew Kiichi Heafy] Pretty Woman (Karaoke 2011)
-Iron Maiden
-Iron Maiden (Akustik, live, Buzz Lounge 2011)
-Suffocating Sight (live, Chapman studios 2011)
-Broken One
-Chaos Reigns
-The Deceived (live, Chapman studios 2011)
-Like Light To The Flies (Official Video)
-Torn between Scylla and Charybdis
-Of All These Yesterdays
-A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation (live, Wacken 2011)

Children Of Bodom (16)

-Bodom After Midnight
-Roundtrip To Hell And Back
-Trashed, Lost & Strungout
-Hate Me!
-In Your Face & Angels Don't Kill (live)
-Bodom Beach Terror
-Towards Dead End
-Banned From Heaven
-Children Of Decadence
-Triple Corpse Hammerblow
-Everytime I Die
-Wacken 2011 Konzert
-Silent Night, Bodom Night
-Hellhound On My Trail

Slipknot (6x)

-All Hope Is Gone
-Wait And Bleed (Official Video)

Disturbed (6)

-Ten Thousand Fists
-Meaning Of Life
-Inside The Fire
-Asylum (Official Video)

Suicide Silence (5)

-You Only Live Once
-No Pity For A Coward
-Disengage (Official Video)
-Genocide (Official Video)
-Hands Of A Killer

Nightwish (3)

-Over The Hills And Far Away
-Dark Chest Of Wonders

Immolation (4)

-Majesty And Decay
-World Agony (Official Video)
-A Token Of Malice
-Divine Code

Six Feet Under (2)

-My Hatred

System Of A Down (1)

-Chop Suey

Black Veil Brides (1)


Kamelot (1)


The Agonist (4)

-Rise And Fall
-Forget Tomorrow
-Take a Bow
-Feel No Guilt

Pride Shall Fall (1)

-Sure (Misheard Lyrics)

Rammstein (1)


In Flames (1)

-Take This Live

30 Seconds To Mars (1)

-Edge Of The Earth (live)

Godsic (1)


Hatebreed (1)

-Destroy Everything (Video)

Hatesphere (1)

-Reaper Of Life

Born From Pain (1)

-The New Hate (Official Video)

Sonata Arctica (1)


Sum 41 (1)

-Walking Disaster (live)

 Lifend (2)

-Purify Me
-Prometheus Purpureal

Sarea (1)

-Another Me 

Nachtblut (1)

-Die Blutgräfin

Nevermind (1)


Volbeat (1)

-I Only Wanna Be With You